Adding an Effect to a Source Clip in Premiere Pro

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Premiere Pro has an interesting feature I’ve just discovered: applying effects to source clips. This is helpful if every sequence you’ve created needs an overall colour correction and you’ve forgotten to apply it during editing. Rather than fix 20 clips that reference the same footage, we can fix the footage and the effect will be applied to any edits that have already been made. It’s quite handy!

Here’s how to do it:

  • with nothing selected on the timeline, open your clip in the Source Window
  • find whatever you need in the Effects Panel
  • drag the effect onto the Source Window
  • switch to the Effects Window and make an adjustment

To preview the effect, park the play-head on anything referencing the source clip.

It takes a little bit of getting used to, but this can be a big time saver. Source Clips were once called Master Clips and really only mean your “footage” before it becomes an edited sequence.

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