How to enable Night Mode in EPIC’s City Sample project

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The famous City Sample project from The Matrix Awakened has a night mode feature players can switch to from the in-game mini menu. That’s no good though if you want to use the project for rendering scenes via Sequencer. Thankfully there’s an easy way to enable this, let me show you how.

First, find BP_Nightmode in your outliner and track it on the Sequencer. Next, click on the plus icon next to it and create an Event Trigger. This will create a single keyframe on the Events track. I want my whole scene to be nighttime so mine is at the beginning of the sequence.

Double-click on the keyframe and the Sequencer Events Blueprint will open. This will allow us to trigger logic with keyframes on the tracked object (in our case BP_Nightmode). From the BP_Nightmode_Event, call a function called Set Night Mode. This will switch all relevant objects in our level to night mode.

That’s it! If you’re curious, double-click on the function and see what it does. Quite a few parameters are switched over and you can override any of the values if you want them to behave differently.

Have fun at night!

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