Der Lagerist, ca 1971

Der Lagerist, ca 1971

Martin at The Photographer’s Gallery Bookshop” is a star: we had a great chat in their temporary space (William Road, near Warren Street) about all things Polaroid, Lomography, WordPress, Miami Beach and Japanese digital gadgets with weird names – and most of it in German.

Since cameras and books aren’t currently presented on proper display shelves, the temporary layout reminds me of an old convenience store with a great atmosphere.

Once I had stocked up on goodies I wanted to take a picture with my Golden SX70 – but since the light was dim I could only guess the framing whie the camera rested on a few books.

A few minutes later we looked at the outcome and were so in love with it: pure nostaliga! Martin came up with this very cool title: “Der Lagerist”, which translates into “The Clerk” or “He who looks after the warehouse”.

Thanks Martin!

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