Razor Test: Gillette Fusion vs. Excel

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I’m passionate about my Gillette Fusion Razor, which glides over my face using 4 blades at a time. And it looks very futuristic. Nice! I’m pleased to be in the company of Therry Henry, Roger Federer and the other guy.

But when I got up this morning at 15:43, with a slightly longer than usual 4 day stubble, I really needed a fresh replacement… which was not at hand. I DID have fresh blades for my slightly older Gillette Sensor Excel model with two blades, a trusty friend for many years (I skipped the Mach 3 generation btw). I hadn’t used the Excel for over a year now, so here’s my review for a side-by-side comparison of the two models:

Although very thorough with only two blades, the Sensor Excel does require a few more strokes than the absolutely radical Fusion. Not only does this cost a bit more time, it also irritates facial skin that bit more than what the Fusion would do. If you’re in the market for a new wet razor, you should look no further than the very hip and stylish Gillette Fusion.

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