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Tax Stickers: How to create Sequential Labels for my VAT returns

Note to myself:

Every three months I forget how on earth I get Word and Excel to talk to each other. It then takes several hours of internet research, trial and error and LOTS of stress to figure this out. Enough is enough!

Sit back, make yoruself a cup of tea and relax. We’ll get through this again. Here’s how I need to do this:

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Razor Test: Gillette Fusion vs. Excel

I’m passionate about my Gillette Fusion Razor, which glides over my face using 4 blades at a time. And it looks very futuristic. Nice! I’m pleased to be in the company of Therry Henry, Roger Federer and the other guy. But when I got up this morning at 15:43, with a slightly longer than usual …

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