How to create DAZ Character Morphs with Blender

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In this video I’m demonstrating how to export a character from DAZ Studio, apply a geometrical change in Blender, and import that change back into DAZ Studio as a Morph Target.

First we’ll prepare and export a Genesis 3 character (Eva 7) as OBJ. Here are the steps I’m using in the video:

Exporting from DAZ Studio

  • dial out Eva 7 completely, so that we’re left with only the Genesis 3 Female base shape
  • switch the resolution level from High Resolution to Base (under Parameters – Mesh Resolution)
  • export the figure with File – Export, using the DAZ Studio settings. Under scale, divide by 100 so that you’re left with 1% (for Blender compatibility)

Now we’ll make the actual change in Blender.

Importing into Blender

In Blender, I’ll delete the default cube (and optionally everything else in the scene), then import my character using File – Import – Wavefront OBJ. The options I’m using on the right hand side at the import dialogue are:

  • deselect both Split by Object and Group
  • select Polygroups under Keep Vertex Order  
  • under Forward, choose -Z Up (it’s the default) 
  • under Up, choose Y Up (also the default)

Model your change, making sure no geometry is added or lost in the process. You can keep pushing polygons, i.e. scale, move and rotate anything you like, but for heaven’s sake DO NOT add or remove polygons to the scene. 

Exporting from Blender

When you’re done, make sure your character is the only object selected in Object Mode, then export it via File – Export – Wavefront OBJ. The export options I’m using are as follows:

  • under Forward, choose -Z Up (it’s the default) 
  • under Up, choose Y Up (also the default)
  • select Selection Only
  • select Apply Modifiers
  • select Include Edges
  • select Write Normals
  • select Objects as OBJ Objects
  • select Keep Vertext Order
  • deselect everything else in that list
  • unser Scale, choose 100

The next step is to bring our change into DAZ Studio so that we have a simple slider to play with. 

Importing into DAZ Studio

Back in DAZ Studio, and with our character selected, head over to Edit – Object – Morph Loader Pro. Pick the DAZ Studio preset and leave all the default options unless intact.

Under Choose Morph Files, pick the OBJ you’ve exported from Blender. This should bring in our morph without an error message. As a result, we’ll find a slider under Morphs – Morph Loader – Name of Morph File. Play with it and see it performs adequately.

We can change some properties of our morph and move that slider into a different slot by clicking that little settings wheel on the side next to it, then choose Parameter Settings. Give it a different name and label (Name is the actual file name that is saved in the library, while Label is what we see displayed in DAZ Studio), and choose a different place from the drop down menu under Path.

To create a whole new different category, we can simply write it out under Path (for example, Apmutee Options). We can use a forward-slash for sub-folders too (like Apmutee Options/Arms).

Saving the Morph

To save the morph into our library, we can choose File – Save As – Support Asset – Morph Asset. Up comes a dialogue in which we can provide a Vendor Name (should be unique to you) and a Product Name. Now go through the list at the bottom and tick the morph(s) you’d like to save.

And that’s it!

In my next article we’ll see where DAZ Studio saves those files so we can make them available for distribution.

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21 thoughts on “How to create DAZ Character Morphs with Blender”

  1. Is there any possibility that you could simplify, in your own inimitable way, the process of exporting a character from DAZ3d into Blacksmith 3d and then, after changes, to reimport to Daz..?

    • Hi Allan! I’d love to – but sadly I currently don’t have a copy of Blacksmith3D. I’ve looked at it once or twice, but I’m still confused as to what it does and where it might fit into my pipeline. Can you sum it up for me? If I like it, I may look into it.

      • Thanks, Jay…
        I, along with many others (reportedly), took advantage of a sale offer on Renderosity to buy Blacksmith 3d as a way to modify and morph figures from Daz or Poser…it’s also a full painting program…across seams, too…
        I bought it for both reasons…to paint on a figure…and also to morph it…
        But I have never really been able to come to terms with it…despite B3D’s tutorial assertions of how easy and versatile it is…
        Importing obj’s and exporting back into Daz or Poser results in various error messages…usually vertex order…despite exporting at base resolutions and trying all sorts of things to resolve the problems…
        It really is a bit of a mind-burner…and it wasn’t cheap, either…even at the sale price…
        Online tutorials don’t help much and I’ve watched a few…many are very dated…
        You have a “way” of simplifying things without a “rush approach” and an annoying “meteor-like” cursor in the tute…
        I thought you might have the program…so, I guess I’m still in the same boat…
        Thanks anyway, Jay…
        And thanks for being a super survivor…

        • Hi Allan, I had a look at their website, and quite honestly I’m not getting a good vibe… they do have a monthly subscription option though. What I can offer you is this: if you head over to my Patreon page and drop $10 into my tip jar, I could sign up and explore The Blacksmith for a month. If I figure out how to bring morphs into DAZ Studio, I’ll let you know via screencast. I can’t make any promises if I’ll be able to figure it out (I may need more than one month). This may work for both of us.

          • After all the extensive help I’ve received from your video posts I’d be happy to drop 10 dollars in your jar…without anything ever even happening on the B3D software…it’s not that important to me after much time and making the mistake of buying it from Renderosity…I had merely thought you might have tried it, too…

            Where is that elusive “tip jar” on your Patreon site..? I see only a recurring plan option…in retirement I wouldn’t be able to make a recurring payment, unfortunately…
            I’ll gladly send 10 dollars in…Your videos and postings have been invaluable to me…Is the Tip Jar obvious and I’m just missing it..?

          • That’s fantastic news – thank you so much ?

            Sadly Patreon can only accept monthly donations at the moment… but how about this: if you give men $1 per month, that’s $12 a year. And contrary to what it says, I’ll even give you a credit in forthcoming YouTube videos. How exciting would that be? There are other exciting things hiding in there too, like a free copy of my latest book. And of course you can cancel anytime you like. Let me know if this works for you.

          • Allan! So sorry it took me three months to do this, but as promised, here’s how the ZBrush / DAZ Studio connection works. How this finds you well, and have a super happy and exciting 2019 🙂

  2. Jay, another request, if you would entertain the idea…

    Could you clear some of the mists surrounding the Daz3d-Zbrush GoZ process with a possible tutorial..?
    I find it confusing and know that you likely have it down pat…
    Thanks, Jay…

    • Hi Allan, yes that’s a possibility for sure! There’s a new version of ZBrush out that I haven’t had a chance to look at yet, so it’ll be nice to dig into it. I remember that DAZ had a video on their channel that showed this, but I’ve just had a look and it appears they’ve taken it down… I’ll put it on my to-do list 🙂

  3. Thank you very much for this tutorial 🙂 Very helpful and good explained. Your sure name is Dutch, Versluis. Are you Dutch or your ancestors?

    • Thanks Max, glad to hear it was helpful! Yes actually, my father was Dutch 🙂 Sadly I don’t speak it though. I grew up in Germany, then moved to London, and now I live in Florida (with a British wife who’s half Portuguese). It’s… complicated ?

  4. This is helping quite a bit – thank you. 🙂 In the current version of Blender, though, I don’t see an option for “include edges” – is that automatic / default now, do you know?

    Also, if you has already posed a figure with clothing, armour, etc., items on it, could you export the object already in that pose, alter it a bit, and create a one-time morph from there, or would you have to zero everything first?

    Thank you – stay well. 🙂

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