Gourmet Veggie Burger and Chips at The Ice Wharf, Camden

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I’ve reviewed the beef burger from the latest Wetherspoon Menu, with which they give you a burger with chips and a drink for only £5.10. I’ve only just realised that for £1.59 more, they give you a GOURMET variation of their cheap-o meal, and I couldn’t pass the opportunity over.

The Veggie Burger is a great alternative to a hunk of mashed cow. Contrary to popular belief, humans CAN survive without a dead animal between their teeth three times a day. I was as surprised as you are! What surprised me more is the great feeling I get by not subconsciously thinking “I wonder what he thought before they electrocuted him”.

I’ve been having more and more vegetarian meals since a couple of weeks, which may or may not have coincided with the arrival of our new Kenwood Food Processor and a variety of smoothies we made. Somehow I just don’t fancy meat anymore. Good!

The Ice Wharf is a Wetherspoon Freehouse, very large on the inside, it’s music-free and is situated by the vibrant Camden Lock. The area has recently been redeveloped, and you can even sit outside and get smashed by the water. Brilliant! But back to the actual meal review…

Gourmet Veggie Burger - £6.59 with drink
Gourmet Veggie Burger - £6.59 with drink

The Burger comes with everything it says on the menu:

Stacked high on a soft bun (smaller than a DVD), there’s tomatoes, onions, a tiny bit of lettuce, a big flat mushroom (grilled to perfection), and a generous dollop of Levi Root’s Reggae Reggae Sauce – new to me as well, and not as spicy as I had expected. Very nice though.

In between all this we find a patty made of puy lentils, sweet corn and cheese, in a batter. Really filling, and very nice indeed. We also find three of the (exactly) 6 onion rings I had missed at first glance. It’s all held together with a giant toothpick, served with chunky chips which – like on my last visit – could have benefitted from another couple of minutes in the deep fryer.

It comes with a choice of alcoholic pint size drinks or coke/water/coffee/tea – ready in about 10 minutes. Goes to prove you CAN have a decent meal for much less than a tenner on the high street these days.


Although not “the perfect dream burger”, this baby gets the highest remarks for value. £6.59 includes a pint of beer or cider, it’s delicious and filling – recommend it to your friends today. We’ve tried a similar meal in another Wetherspoon’s Pub in Wood Green, and the quality across the brand is consistent.

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