How to turn the Genesis 3 T-Pose into the Genesis 8 A-Pose

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The default poses for Genesis 3 and 8 are different: 8 is using an A-Pose, while 3 is using a T-Pose (kind of easy to remember that way). I sometimes have to re-fit clothing from one figure to the other, and as such I need to tweak an A-Pose into the respective T-Pose or vice versa. I can’t remember the values from the top of my head of course, so I thought I’d write them down here:

A-Pose on Genesis 3

  • Left Shoulder Bend: -45 (on Bend)
  • Right Shoulder Bend: +45 (on Bend)
  • Left Thigh Bend: 6 (on Side-Side)
  • Right Thigh Bend: -6 (on Side-Side)

T-Pose on Genesis 8

  • Left Shoulder Bend: 45 (on Bend)
  • Right Shoulder Bend: -45 (on Bend)
  • Left Thigh Bend: -6 (on Side-Side)
  • Right Thigh Bend: 6 (on Side-Side)

Note: I’ve seen guides suggest the shoulder bends to be 45.75 instead of an even 45. Based on my observations this variation is not always accurate. However, if you find tat even 45 not to be accurate, try with an additional .75 and see if this works better. Happy retrofitting!

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