How to turn the Genesis 3 T-Pose into the Genesis 8 A-Pose

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The default poses for Genesis 3 and 8 are different: 8 is using an A-Pose, while 3 is using a T-Pose (kind of easy to remember that way). I sometimes have to re-fit clothing from one figure to the other, and as such I need to tweak an A-Pose into the respective T-Pose or vice versa. I can’t remember the values from the top of my head of course, so I thought I’d write them down here:

A-Pose on Genesis 3

  • Left Shoulder Bend: -45.75 (on Bend)
  • Right Shoulder Bend: +45.75 (on Bend)
  • Left Thigh Bend: 6 (on Side-Side)
  • Right Thigh Bend: -6 (on Side-Side)

T-Pose on Genesis 8

  • Left Shoulder Bend: 45.75 (on Bend)
  • Right Shoulder Bend: -45.75 (on Bend)
  • Left Thigh Bend: -6 (on Side-Side)
  • Right Thigh Bend: 6 (on Side-Side)

The .75 variation is not exactly necessary for fitting, just thought I’d add it for absolute accuracy. Happy retrofitting!

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