How to track your GoPro Order

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GoPro is one of those companies that’s a bit like Apple: “special” and “difficult” perhaps describes them best. You expect one thing, and they do it a different way. How they deal with their website orders is a good example.

You’d expect that you can login on and under “your account” find a list of orders you’ve placed over the last year or so. Surprisingly that’s not the case, and to the innocent bystander it appears that no matter how much money you’ve given that company, it’s your first visit to their store. Kind of scary when I placed a $400 order recently, without the ability to check what the status of it was.

Thankfully there is a slightly funky tool that lets you hack in your email and ZIP code to get at least some kind of information out of GoPro – and here’s that link, the one that should be on the front page of GoPro somewhere:

Change your locale at the top right accordingly (the above gets you to the US store, I’m assuming this works with other locations). The interface looks a bit like this:

After hacking in my details, I got a page that looks like this:

Admittedly it’s not much, but at least it’s something to prove that GoPro have heard of me, and are doing… something. I guess orders placed longer 60 days ago aren’t retrievable. Who wants to think of past gadgets anyway? It’s the future we’re all living for isn’t it? The moment, the “here and now”, while waiting for that “pending order” to finally arrive.

Don’t ask me what “pending” means, or how long it takes for GoPro to send out an item. I’ve only tried it once before with an accessory, and it was dispatched within 2 days. I received an email with a tracking number and all went swimmingly well. With a more expensive item, like this HERO 8 trade-in deal I made with the devil? No idea. From what I remember, my camera is supposed to be dispatched “within two weeks”, that’s all I know. We’re nearing the end of week two, that’s all I’m saying.

I’ll update this article when this order status changes. Until such time, let’s hang tight and all “be stoked” about it.

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