How to use First Person Navigation in Blender

Blender LogoIn large scenes it can be handy to navigate as if we’re playing a 3D computer game. And that’s possible in Blender:

Hit SHIFT+F to enter First Person Navigation mode, then use your mouse to look around in 3D space.

Now use the following keys to move around your scene:

  • Left Cursor (or A) – move left
  • Right Cursor (or D) – move right
  • Up Cursor (or W) – move forward
  • Down Cursor (or S) – move back

In addition to these, press SHIFT to move faster. You can also press TAB to toggle gravity (make sure there’s a floor in your scene, otherwise you’ll keep falling until you hit TAB again).

To finish your First Person scene experience, hit the ESCAPE key to return to normal working mode.

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