FLUFFY: October Render Challenge

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Get ready for another exciting instalment of the WP Guru Render Challenge! This month it’s all about FLUFFY. Interpret it as you see fit, anything goes from fluffy clouds to fluffy animals, even belly button fluff and fluffy duvet covers fit the bill.

Find out what you can submit and everything else you need to know on this page.

If you’d like to participate, drop a link to your image below in the comments and tell us which software you’ve used. I’ll compile a little gallery towards the end of the month so we can all enjoy a little “group exhibition”.

Just like last month, we’ll pick two lucky winners, both of which can pick a video game from my ever growing list, and one of them will also get $10 in cash courtesy of our anonymous sponsor. šŸ˜Ž

Community Submissions

Meet the Winners

#4 by Websoul
#11 by Deviant
#12 by Rafael Dew

Congrats to you all!! I’ve made this announcement video on my channel too. Get in touch and claim your winnings!

Thank you for all your inspiring submission! I hope I’ll see more of your work next time šŸ˜

22 thoughts on “FLUFFY: October Render Challenge”

  1. https://www.artstation.com/artwork/9N424W

    Originally I was going to go all out and model the girl from Despicable Me, but I’m bogged down with a Halloween project so I had to abandon my dreams. In the end, I went with the tried and true “sexy white girl showing lots of skin.” It’s always a crowd-pleaser. To my credit, though, she does seem to like her fluffy clothing.
    This was all done in Character Creator 4. The character, Linda, was one I had created some time ago from a headshot picture of an A.I.-generated photo.

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