Mixamo to DAZ Studio to Marvelous Designer and back

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In this article I’ll explain how apply a Mixamo animation to a Genesis 8 (or 3) character, then export the animation to Marvelous Designer, animate a garment and bring it back into DAZ Studio for rendering. This will give us both the rendered character and the garment.

There are so many steps to this process, but the steps below do work as of January 2021. Web interfaces and file formats have a tendency to change, so by the time you try it may no longer work. I may flesh this out with screenshots and further explanations at some point. These are the notes I’ve taken during the above live stream, they should get you started.


  • export Genesis 1 as FBX (2012 Binary)
  • import to Mixamo, pick animation
  • adjust arm width (optional)
  • export as FBX 6.1 WITH skin
  • import into DAZ Studio (pick mixamo.com NOT Animation)

DAZ Studio Import

Marvelous Designer Import

  • export A-Pose from DAZ Studio (OBJ)
  • export first frame of animation (OBJ)
  • export MDD by Animate
  • import A-Posed character into Marvelous Designer
  • model/load clothing on the A-Pose

Marvelous Designer Animation

  • load first frame of animation as Morph Target
  • import animation (MDD Cache Standard)
  • select MDD as Z-Inverted
  • simulate animation
  • park playhead on first frame of animation
  • export OBJ Sequence
  • match settings for both (single object, thin, welded)

DAZ Studio Import

  • import skirt OBJ, pick the 1st frame of the sequence
  • import all OBJ Sequence files via Morph Loader
  • run animMorph script on your clothing item
  • download animMorph here: https://github.com/versluis/animmorph
  • Happiness! ๐Ÿ˜

My plan is to turn this into a mini-series with shorter videos for each step, stay tuned for that. If you have any questions, let me know below. Have fun!

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