How to use skeletons from various Synty Packs in the same Unreal Project

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It appears that most Synty Polygon packs share the same skeleton. Therefore we can mix and match characters from various packs and use them in the same project, without the need to retarget our characters again. I’ve explained in a previous post how to retarget a Synty skeleton to the Unreal Skeleton, however if we add a second pack to an already retargeted project, the skeleton assigned to the second pack is different.

All we need to do to fix this is to assign the one we’ve already retargeted, and I’ll show you how this works. For my example I’m adding the Gang Warfare Pack to the City Pack. I’ve got all the characters from the City Pack working, but the Gang characters don’t animate yet. Head over to the new pack you’re using, select all Skeletal Meshes in the pack (the ones with a pink underline), then right-click and choose Skeleton – Assign Skeleton.

A new window pops up letting you pick the new skeleton. Choose the one from the previous pack (the one you’ve been retargeting to), and repeat the process for every character in the new pack. In my case that’s the City Rig.

This window will keep popping up for every selected character. On some occasions you may see another window appear that asks if you’d like to whatever. Select OK in such cases. This is likely happening due to small inconsistencies between skeletons, but in my experience nothing to worry about.

Once all meshes have been assigned your retargeted skeleton, you can use any of the meshes on your character and all will animate. How cool is that?

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