Building JAY PLAYS – a Title Sequence Animation in Blender

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In this series I’m building an animated title sequence using a set made for DAZ Studio in Blender. This requires lighting and material tweaks, and messing with textures. It’s not a tutorial, just some dude trying his best at Blender (without knowing much about it, but learning a lot in the process).

The end result is an intro for my my game streams, as well as these new seasons of 3D Shenanigans. Once the set is built, I’ll replace a couple of key textures so that the cinema and screen show something different. It’s a lot of work!


The set I’m using is Ironman 13’s Theatre with Poses, which I’ve already imported into Blender for the first rough draft I did in Eevee. Although I liked the look of the quick basic animation, I wanted to turn this into something prettier. Thankfully I discovered a Blender Add-On called Extreme PBR by Andrew_D that allowed me to replace materials with ease.

I’m also using a fascinating AI denoiser called D-Noise by Grant Wilkes. This thing uses NVIDIA’s OptiX binaries under the hood and delivers better results than the default Blender denoiser. Without a good denoiser, a single frame would take hours to render and we’d never see the animation.

Here’s a full list of the items I’m using:


About this series

This is the first in a new series of 3D streams I’m trying out. Rather than a tutorial experience with tips and tricks, these are working sessions. You get to watch over my shoulder as I put a complex project together, like a title sequence animation. I’m trying to do this around my dayjob’s schedule and other projects, and as an incentive to be more productive. Streaming times may vary, watch those social feeds and YouTube notifications for announcements.

As I create more projects over time, I’m foreseeing these videos to grow in numbers, which might drown out my other content on the main channel. To avoid this, I’ll leave the streams up for a while and then make them unlisted, with a public playlist on the front page called recent life streams.

In addition, I’ve created a new channel aptly titled 3D Shenanigans, on which all these streams will live publicly for the future. I’ll also post works in progress there so you can see how our animations come together over time. The new channel even has its own memorable URL:

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