2008 – It’s a Wrap!

Every year, I find it helpful and exciting to look back at what has happened over the last 12 months and write it down. Here’s what 2008 has been like for me: January 2008 We started off with our final ever trade show for Light Paintings. Although we didn’t have any new material to show, …

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Something Fishy about eBay

Since eBay’s policy change about search results, shop prices and final value fees, things have been very different for me as a seller. Success turned into failure, making eBay more of a money making scheme for the people who run it and turning it away from what it used to be.

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New Logo for www.oliverspanuth.com

I’ve created a new Logo for Oliver Spanuth’s Website today. We’re currently busy putting the site up, and what was needed to stand out from the crowd was a good corporate identity. Oliver is a drummer, so we’re also putting a Myspace site together for him. The Logo is made up of glass letters, so …

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New Blog Layout

I’ve decided to switch the layout for our News Blog from Blogger to WordPress. The reason for this is enhanced functionality and more flexibility, plus it gives me a space to keep you posted about all the various things I’m involved with on the web. I might keep the News Blog up for more major …

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