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Business Cards

Today’s creative project was a Business Card Layout for Oliver Spanuth.

I’ve made sure to keep in line with his website layout, again using Carrara Pro to create the 3D caustic glass letters. The backside is a picture of Oliver’s set, which he took on his Nokia mobile phone while shooting a video for San Glaser in front of an infinity cove. I added the comic-like background with Manga Studio EX. Here they are. Please keep in mind these include a 5mm bleed on all sides.


New Logo for www.oliverspanuth.com

I’ve created a new Logo for Oliver Spanuth’s Website today.

We’re currently busy putting the site up, and what was needed to stand out from the crowd was a good corporate identity. Oliver is a drummer, so we’re also putting a Myspace site together for him.

The Logo is made up of glass letters, so I’ve used Carrara for modelling and rendering. Transparent objects like these are a very complex process, but thanks to Carrara’s excellent Caustics Funtion and intuitive lighting system, it came out really well.

I’ll let you know when the website is officially open, but in the meantime, head over to www.oliverspanuth.com and see what we’re doing.