My busiest week so far this year…

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… and I think of myself as a “busy man” already. As I’ve learnt this week, things can ALWAYS get busier.

New this week:

  • a Super King Sized Bed
  • a new Website
  • two new mobile phones
  • a new games console
  • and to top it off: a 16hour shift at work


I was scanning some negatives when Julia and I were discussing options for her personal blog and where she wants to take it. Turns out that book reviews and related matters is what she wats to write about. Shortly after, was born – one of the quickest websites I have ever put together.

To give you a timeframe: we started exploring ideas at 2:30, Julia had registered the domain by 3:30, and by 4:30 the DNS records had already been changed to point at my server (thank you, Easyspace). By 5pm, the site was up and running. Now it’s up to Julia to get busy writing content.

By midnight, I had received note that the Zenit Horizon camera was mine via winning bid on eBay. Sweet!


We made our way to Green Lanes early that day to kick off with some Mc Donald’s breakfast, and to check when Julia’s phone was due for upgrade. Carphone said that Friday would be the day, and that I was due already. Whoa! Being a rather pernickety Nokia Communicator user for about 10 years running now, the only thing that would interest me for creative exploits is the N900.

Spontaneous person that I am, I walked out with one – I certainly hadn’t expected that. Now I’ve got a new gadget to play with but hardly find the time to exlore all its features depth. Maybe it needs to go on the backburner for a bit.

We walked out of Carphone only to discover Dreams around the corner – spending a good 2 hours exploring what a new bed can do for our well-being.we’ve been thinking about a new mattress for several years and always enjoy super sized beds on holiday – why not make it a reality?

We decided on a Super King Size dark leather bed with a pocket sprung mattress with two memory foam layers – courtesy of Inner Wisdom. Back home to do some measurements, we discovered that getting of one beside cupboard and swapping some furniture will be enough to accommodate this huge thing. All we need to do now is order šŸ˜‰


A long day at MTV awaits with a new 10hr shift on Milkshake, followed by a 2hr meeting for Missing Live. It’ll be a challenging show again, but it feels good to know early on what’s coming and how to do it. Shattered, I leave for home – still trying to figure out that new N900. Plans for a full review hatch, and the idea to use it as backup phone rather than my main phone. Even though its sharing capabilities are great, typing is rather cumbersome – and of course it would be on a keyboard that’s less than 30% of my Communicator’s size.


MTV Digs is in top form – and I’m meeting Julia for lunch, who decided to get back into the rhythm of a working day. Still under dizzy spells, she comes to Camden with me and spends half the day shopping. Sweet!

By lunchtime she had upgraded to a brand new Nintendo DSi! Having enjoyed the previous model, the DSi turns out to be a very different gadget altogether. Another new device to learn – that’s what frazzles your brain. It also makes the time go by lightening fast. Feel we’re surrounded by new gadgets.


Another trip to Green Lanes for a phone upgrade takes much longer than expected. 90mins later we’re finally out of Carphone, Nokia E72 in had Julia’s old E71 sent in for repair. Will it ever come back with an intact keyboard? We’ll watch this space.

Time also to put an order in for a new bed. With an investment of 2400, we want to make sure it’s the right mattress for us so another hour or so goes by until we’re happy to get that Torino Bed and the Chausser mattress.

Of course it’s not as easy as that. After choosing some essentials the 2turkish Market Haggling” starts and ends in an interest free credit agreement. However, neither me nor Julia have used our Credit Cards over the last 6 months or even longer. That was a deliberate effort and a cleansing one too.

The downside is that our credit rating is no longer up to speed, and we’re both declined for a financing option. Well screw these suckers anyway – let’s do this in cash and be done with it. This feels good. See who’s in charge here?

We spent the rest of this day playing with the third new gadget this week. My brain has turned into a pile of mush, and I’m frustrated that many of the things I intended to do this week haven’t materialised. There are still websites to look after, widgets to develop, pictures to sort out and many other things – we’re not mentioning that the flat is in a state of disarray…

I do manage to put a quick Thesis Test Site up for my friend John to try out. He’s starting a site for his book Screw Work Let’s Play and was wondering if Thesis is the way to go. Best thing is to experience it – if you’re interested to have a play, please contact me for details.

It’s turning into a long night because we discover the many sharing options our N900 and DSi have to offer. After a couple of hours on Super Mario Sunshine I’m falling into bed exhausted for 5 hours.


Another busy football day awaits in Chiswick, but which phone do I trust to wake me up in time? BOTH I guess just to be sure. Now I’m sitting on the over-packed tube typing this (the Victoria Line is out hence the traffic this early in the morning) while the guy next to me has breath that stinks like cow farts. Ugh! Should have cycled after all!


The day at The Football Factory started relatively slow, and our lines sheets looked achievable to say the least. Good thing too, because by lunchtime we realised that we were one man short. To top it off, two live-to-air play-outs were proposed, in addition to the two magazine shows for international takers.

In the end, the Portuguese football made it live from us via VT instead of the gallery. We still can’t figure out how BITC made it to air for 30 seconds… either way, it happened because of my 16-hour-commitment that day… I’m still recovering. Thanks for the cab, Jahlene, and thanks the handsome compensation Richard šŸ˜‰

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