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It’s what I do and not pay much attention to. I write a lot, but I’m not a writer. That’s crazy.

Abdullah’s Ice Cream Shop in the Desert

I’ve just tried ChatGPT for the first time and though I’d share its output with you. The prompt was “write a short story about an ice cream shop in the desert”, and what I got back was beyond my imagination. It simply blew me away, and that’s after a single use. I’ve added a Midjourney …

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LAMP Stack for Humans – available as Paperback and Kindle Edition

Did I mention that my book LAMP Stack for Humans is also available in paperback format?

Actually it has been for several months now, and it slipped my mind to share this news with you. LIfe’s just too busy I guess. Amazon are kind enough to offer it alongside the Kindle edition, so if you want a printed and nicely bound guide on how to build your own LAMP stack, here you go. 

The printed version is a lovely 6 x 9″ (15 x 23cm) large book with matte finish, about 1″ thick and weighs about a pound (413g to be exact). Printed with love in South Carolina as soon as you order it.

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Did I mention my new book?

Over the last few weeks I’ve written a book. It’s about how to run web applications in the comfort of your own home. Yesterday it went live on Amazon! I have an author page and everything! Turns out that writing was the easy part: formatting it so that it looks good on Kindle devices was a …

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