Chat Commands

During live sessions, I’ve compiled a handy list of commands that will return a link when added to the chat. Chat commands start with an exclamation mark (!) and are evalutaed by a Chat Bot software, which in turn posts the link. For example, if you’d like to visit my Facebook page, type !fb or !facebook.

A link to this page will come up when you type !help. Most links are available for everyone in the chat session, except for those listed below.

Donation Links

  • !tip or !tipjar or !donate shows my Streamlabs page, where you can make one-off donations that go directly into my PayPal account. I get to keep 80-95% of the proceeds.
  • !patreon shows a link to Patreon, where you can make monthly recurring donations in return for access to goodies like scene files, assets, personal sessions and many other things.

Streaming and Video Profiles

  • !mixer shows my Mixer URL
  • !yt or !youtube shows the URL to my main YouTube channel
  • !yt2 or !youtube2 shows the URL to my personal YouTube channel
  • !vimeo shows my Vimeo URL
  • !twitch shows my Twitch URL
  • !dlive

Social Profiles