Jay’s Awesome MVP Game

My first ever release of an Unreal Engine Project!

Featuring Unreal Guy on a mysterious island, faced with a devastating countdown timer and the impossible mission of having to collect 20 scary purple objects.

I’ve followed Mathew Wadstein’s excellent Unreal tutorial series about creating a minimal viable product. It brings together all basic concepts from which an interactive experience can be derived. I’ve added some other magic of my own. Here’s a full list of features:

  • a button that opens a door (Blueprint relationship)
  • several HUDs (graphic overlays)
  • a countdown timer
  • a score counter
  • a menu system (start/pause/success/game over)
  • an intro video
  • music and sound effects
  • interactive water (UIWS – free for this month, value $349)

As I learn more about Unreal Engine I’ll expand the project with more features.


Un-ZIP the archive to a folder of your choice, then run MVP.exe to play the demo. These builds are currently Windows 64-bit only. Windows may prevent you from running it. Should this happen, select “show more” and “run anyway”. You can download the project from various places:

How to play

Both controller and keyboard/mouse navigation is supported for movement, however menus only have mouse support right now.

  • WASD – navigation
  • P or ESC – bring up the Pause Menu
  • collect all purple objects before the time runs out
  • you can’t die or drown (or swim)
  • don’t walk off the outer edge of the game world

Source Code

I’m afraid I can’t distribute the project as source code. Although I’m allowed to use the assets and distribute them as a playable game, and most of the assets are from the free EPIC Starter Content, I’m not allowed to re-distribute some of the products I’m using.

I can however talk you through how to create this project from scratch, and as I get more comfortable with UE4 I will certainly make a video or two on how to do it. Watch this space!