Monster Munch: Roast Beef Flavour – Massive Bag (2009)

Monster Munch: Roast Beef Flavour - Massive Bag (2009)

Finally! They’re back with a vengeance, and better than ever. This is a HUGE size bag, abeit made from the worst material since Eastern Germany. A whopping 85 grams with “massive hunks”, fearuting the long gone monster we thought had died in 1973.

We’re glad he’s back! Meet all his friends at

Verdict: Roast Beef Rules!

Pombear: Original Flavour (2009)

Pombear: Original Flavour (2009)

Ahhh, I remember these from back in the days. They’ve been around since forever in Germany, undoutedly the land of crisps and chocolate. I seem to remember much bigger bags though, not the lousy 19g version we have here.

They even have their own website now: Superb! Having said that, I’ve never looked at it.

Verdict: This stuff is so light, you might as well eat nothing.

Walker's Ready Salted "Do us a Flavour" Edition (2009)

Walker's Ready Salted "Do us a Flavour" Edition (2009)

What’s so special about this one? Well the promotion, silly! Remember all the god-awful yuck flavours from earlier this year? Apparently they’re still waiting for the verdict on Chilly Chocolate and Fish & Chips flavour.

Remember our reviews of those? I know we do…

Ready Salted though are still an all time classic. Great with an all time classic sandwich, like all time classic sandwich flavour.

Legend has it that “ready” salted is such an amazing thing to state in capitals, because the “salt and shake” crisps technically AREN’T “ready” salted, until you put the salt on it.


Verdict: salty!

The Totally Mental CRIP WEEKEND on

Crisp032 You heard the man – this weekend EXCLUSIVELY at I’ve got something special for y’all:

I’ll be sitting here eating one crisp packet per hour and will post the empty packet right here on the site, every hour on the hour (until the server crashes).

Each time this happens, I’ll send our a tweet – follow the show with #crisps or #potatochips.

I’ll do this all through the night until Sunday evening, when I’ll catch up on some sleep (and Pepto Bismol probbaly), but until then, join me in commemorating the end of the series of CRIPS PACKETS – see the entire series right here.

Happy crunching!