Burger and Chips from Seven Sisters Kebab (Takeaway)

Burger and Chips from Seven Sisters Kebeab

Burger and Chips from Seven Sisters Kebeab

Sometimes, nothing says it better than a burger from a kebab shop.

Enter the Seven Sisters Kebab and Pizza store. It’s been there forever, and although they were looking for a buyer not 12 months ago, the FOR SALE sign is gone for good and I understand in broken English that the proprietor is eager to keep the shop now. Which is good for us, because we only recently discovered that they do delivery. Hurra!

When I came home today, after a hard day at IMG (in fact, testing the new P2 WordPress theme, in between jobs) I realised that I only had soup and a salad, so I came home rather hungry. Why not try that Half Pounder with chips and a drink for a bargain price of £5? Deal!

Burgers from kebab shops have something in common with burgers from greasy spoon cafes: the supplier. There appears to be only ONE distributor of these kinds of patties on a piece of paper, and they all taste the same. Sure, it’s all in the preparation, and you really don’t want to eat one of those (let alone two) when they’re fried.

Mirinda - where have you been since 1979?

Mirinda - where have you been since 1979?

As with all food you get here in Da Hood (don’t pronounce the “H”, enter “innit” or “aaaai” where appropriate), it’s grilled. 7 thumbs up for that already. But also, you get all the salad you’d expect from a good kebab. Add to that a good portion of fries, and I kid you not when I say: that’s more meat than you want to know about.

Sauces include ketchup and mayo on demand, even chilli, garlic or burger sauce, but none of them are Heinz Deli Originals – so beware.

The verdict: for the price of £5, including a can of your choice, and considering two patties on the burger, fresh salad and a nicely toasted sesame bun, you really can’t complain. Even if you know by heart that it’s essentially a cafe burger you’re getting, it’s well prepared.

Speaking of the drink: I could hardly believe it when Mirinda caught my eye! Imported from Poland, made there by The Pepsi Co., it was the ideal addition to top this meal off. Somewhere in between Fanta, Tango and Orangina, that’s where Miranda fits in. I’ve missed you – you made my day!

9 Thumbs up for sure, maybe even 10.

Walker’s Cheese and Onion (2007)

Walker's Cheese and Onion (2007)

Does that logo look dated or what? And the font? Remember when THIS used to be new? We thought the same thing!

Plenty of potatoes have seen the chop since then, and still they’ve only got 34.5 g in the bag. What happened to the extra 0.5g ??? and when will we see a cut right down to 34g?

Time will tell, with or without Sunseed oil!

Verdict: We love you just the way you are!

NEW SERIES: Today in My Life (aka The V-Log)

STOP THE PRESS: we’ve got a brand new series coming to versluis.com!

Discovering more and more functions of my superb little Casio Exilim camera, I’ve been playing around with the YouTube uploader today. It’s the ideal tool to do video blogging.

The Bento Cafe in Camden

The Bento Cafe in Camden

I had spontaneous lunch with my friend John Williams at the Bento Cafe in Camden. He’s currently writing a book, and I thought video blogging his journey would be a great way to document the progress of his project. The more I thought about the idea, the more I came to realise that we’re all on an interesting journey. No matter what we all do and how we do it, it’ll be fascinating to look back on it in a few years time. We might even learn from it and detect patterns on how we approach similar situations.

John Williams, Author and Creative Maverick

John Williams, Author and Creative Maverick

I believe it’s just as fascinating how someone can organise themselves to do a monotonous job every day for 40 years, as it is to see how a musician, writer, cab driver or therapist lives. Or in fact, a freelancer in the Broadcast industry.
The more I’m blogging, Twittering, Facebooking and in fact doing this site, the more I’m getting what all the hype is about. You really have to try these things out to experience them, rather than judging them upfront as good or bad. For that to work, you have to overcome the omnipresent question: “… but why would I do this?”

trying to get the Smile Detection to work

trying to get the Smile Detection to work

Today in My Life will happen at irregular intervals, like all the other series’ on this site – in other words, whenever I feel like it. I was thinking of imposing some rules, like a time limit per post, or a certain frequency, but I’d rather see what happens with the format as it develops. Fact is, I started talking to the camera decades ago, before it had a name or in fact became commonplace. Why not go back to the roots and give it a theme? Watch out for some video backlog (if I can find it).

In the meantime, I’m trying to get the Smile Detection to work, which appears to have something against me… works well with other people! And what, I never smile?

Blonde Muddis (1994)

I’ve discovered this highly embarrassing gem from my dubious German past the other day:

In this sketch from 1994, my colleague Andre Grossman and I put on this production of a highly working class couple. I’m playing the mad mother, he’s my drunk husband.

We used to be fans of Schmidteinander, a cult comedy show on German Television back in the days, and at one point they were looking for submissions. The theme was “Blonde Mothers”, so Andre and I borrowed someone’s baby, filmed it with his Betacam (non-SP) camera in his kitchen and edited it at Studio Hamburg.

Needless to say, they never replied… probably because our production values weren’t low enough.

Also available on YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FYTOLkJVSo4

Thirsty? Here are 15 ways to fill a water glass!

[flashvideo file="/video/water-glass.flv" /]

For this video, I’ve filled up 15 glasses of water in my kitchen (the same glass actually). Although not really noticable, all footage is shot in slow motion using my Sony HDR-HC9E. I’m still excited about that feature.

It got a bit tricky to put all the shots together, and I had to go back and re-shoot pick-ups a few times throughout the day, not to mention the water effect itself (which doesn’t get recorded with slow motion as you can imagine). It makes me thirsty every time I watch it!

Also available on YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BgztgQmBU7A

Today’s Breakfast in Slow Motion

Julia and I were out shopping yesterday, and discovered this tiny new Casio Exilim camera that does slow motion video recordings. Looking at this, I remember that my Sony HDR-HC9 has this function, and that I’ve never played with it before.

We got pretty excited, it’s very inspiring, and this is what came out this morning over breakfast:

[flashvideo file="video/breakfast-in-slowmotion.flv" /]

Music by Die Fantastischen Vier: “Tag am Meer”. There’s more where this came from!

Top 10 Marketing Tips from Internet Gurus


It constantly amuses me that all internet marketing gurus are so very very rich, yet they find nothing better to do with their time than to sell us how they did it.

Haven’t you got a yacht to ride, a beach to sip cocktails at or blackjack tables that needs your attention?

Here’s what I’ve picked up from surfing too many websites, all the ever-so-wise tips they give you, condensed in one handy list:

  1. Visit my website. Then buy all my products/workshops/stuff (so I make money)
  2. Read my Blog, which links to my website – where you can buy all my products/workshops/stuff (so I make money)
  3. Be my friend on Twitter/Facebook/Myspace, where I’ll shamelessly plug all my products/workshops/stuff you should buy (so I make money)
  4. Sign up to my Newsletter, where I’ll shamelessly plug all my products/workshops/stuff you should buy (so I make money)
  5. Sign up YOUR FRIENDS to my newsletter too. Not only will I spam them senseless, I’ll also sell their email addresses (and make money)
  6. Buy somebody else’s product I’m promoting, which I’ve got NOTHING to do with or care about  (but when you buy it, I get money)
  7. Click on every annoying and disruptive advert on my site (so I get money)
  8. Tell people about my site, so YOU can make money (although I’ll make MORE money)
  9. Use this discount voucher for (insert product here). Note: you have to spend over £200 to use it (in which case, I’ll get money)
  10. Ah hell JUST GIVE ME MONEY