I just had the same idea: www.12seconds.tv

There’s me having a creative blitz, only to find out someone has already done it!

Since I’ve started my video blogging extravaganza Today in My Life, I’m really getting into it. In fact, it’s feeding into all kinds of other ideas I’m getting. You could argue, I’m inspiring myself – that’s a very interesting experience!

12seconds.tv - and I'm on the front page!
12seconds.tv - and I'm on the front page (in 5th position)

What I like about the series is that I’m using video footage like I would use Twitter or Facebook: put out a random thought, short and sweet, and that’s the end.

The difference between this method and classic “video blogging” is that with the latter, there are no time constraints. You could ramble on for minutes, which bores you to death when you watch it back next week. So I thought, maybe there’s a way to utilise Twitter’s API, combine it with YouTube’s API, and create TwitVid.

Could work in the same way as TwitPic, then post via direct capture, MMS, email or upload. But the important bit is to introduce a time limit on how much you can actually post. Once done, the system would automatically Twitter this to your account.

Friday evening, I thought to myself: “This would be very cool”. Come Saturday morning, I mention this idea to John Williams. Highly excited, I did a Google search on “Video Twitter” and am already checking domains.

After about 30 seconds of research, of course I find 12seconds.tv – doing PRECISELY what I’ve just thought up, and they do it since sometime last year. Shortly after, John sends me an email telling me about this service too.

At first I was a bit disappointed that someone else had this idea before me. But then I thought, there’s obviously a gap in the market, sharing my philosophy – so I joined immediately! And so should YOU, dear reader!

From now on, the series available on this site as well as 12 seconds – check out my brand new channel at http://12seconds.tv/channel/versluis/

Burger and Chips from Seven Sisters Kebab (Takeaway)

Burger and Chips from Seven Sisters Kebeab
Burger and Chips from Seven Sisters Kebeab

Sometimes, nothing says it better than a burger from a kebab shop.

Enter the Seven Sisters Kebab and Pizza store. It’s been there forever, and although they were looking for a buyer not 12 months ago, the FOR SALE sign is gone for good and I understand in broken English that the proprietor is eager to keep the shop now. Which is good for us, because we only recently discovered that they do delivery. Hurra!

When I came home today, after a hard day at IMG (in fact, testing the new P2 WordPress theme, in between jobs) I realised that I only had soup and a salad, so I came home rather hungry. Why not try that Half Pounder with chips and a drink for a bargain price of £5? Deal!

Burgers from kebab shops have something in common with burgers from greasy spoon cafes: the supplier. There appears to be only ONE distributor of these kinds of patties on a piece of paper, and they all taste the same. Sure, it’s all in the preparation, and you really don’t want to eat one of those (let alone two) when they’re fried.

Mirinda - where have you been since 1979?
Mirinda - where have you been since 1979?

As with all food you get here in Da Hood (don’t pronounce the “H”, enter “innit” or “aaaai” where appropriate), it’s grilled. 7 thumbs up for that already. But also, you get all the salad you’d expect from a good kebab. Add to that a good portion of fries, and I kid you not when I say: that’s more meat than you want to know about.

Sauces include ketchup and mayo on demand, even chilli, garlic or burger sauce, but none of them are Heinz Deli Originals – so beware.

The verdict: for the price of £5, including a can of your choice, and considering two patties on the burger, fresh salad and a nicely toasted sesame bun, you really can’t complain. Even if you know by heart that it’s essentially a cafe burger you’re getting, it’s well prepared.

Speaking of the drink: I could hardly believe it when Mirinda caught my eye! Imported from Poland, made there by The Pepsi Co., it was the ideal addition to top this meal off. Somewhere in between Fanta, Tango and Orangina, that’s where Miranda fits in. I’ve missed you – you made my day!

9 Thumbs up for sure, maybe even 10.