This section is in for a major re-write when I come back from Miami. The lst of stuff I shoot is growing at a speedy rate… so is the amounf of outlets I postthem on.

Check the front page for the latest images and series’ in development, or my Flickr account.

Apart from that, here’s a selection of galleries in no particular order, from “brand new” to “vintage”, “abstract” to “straight”, “holday snaps” and “phone dumps”, and all the rest of them in between. Enjoy!

Miami Beach Huts

Light Paintings

The Book of Circles

The Book of Clouds (excerpts)

Crisp Packets

Holga @ Arsenal

A few years ago, I’ve taken my 2nd Holga camera down to Arsenal, on a sunny November morning. I had never been to any of the big football stadiums in the UK, although I’ve been dealing with feeds from there since 99. Shame on me! Maybe I should visit any of the other ones too (although Jeremy tells me not to bother). Shot on Kodak Portra UC (now sadly discontinued).

Lomographic Work

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