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Thirsty? Here are 15 ways to fill a water glass!

[flashvideo file=”/video/water-glass.flv” /]

For this video, I’ve filled up 15 glasses of water in my kitchen (the same glass actually). Although not really noticable, all footage is shot in slow motion using my Sony HDR-HC9E. I’m still excited about that feature.

It got a bit tricky to put all the shots together, and I had to go back and re-shoot pick-ups a few times throughout the day, not to mention the water effect itself (which doesn’t get recorded with slow motion as you can imagine). It makes me thirsty every time I watch it!

Also available on YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BgztgQmBU7A

Today’s Breakfast in Slow Motion

Julia and I were out shopping yesterday, and discovered this tiny new Casio Exilim camera that does slow motion video recordings. Looking at this, I remember that my Sony HDR-HC9 has this function, and that I’ve never played with it before.

We got pretty excited, it’s very inspiring, and this is what came out this morning over breakfast:

[flashvideo file=”video/breakfast-in-slowmotion.flv” /]

Music by Die Fantastischen Vier: “Tag am Meer”. There’s more where this came from!