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MCR Timelapse 2009


It’s been a cracking weekend at IMG Media last weekend, with plenty of new programmes and clients to accommodate. I’m happy to say: we were up for the challenge.

Here’s what we’ve been working on:

  • 7 Premier League football matches for international distribution
  • several ESPN turnaround feeds (Scottish, Dutch, Belgian and German football)
  • 1 ESPN live studio production
  • 1 BBC Football League Show studio production
  • several SNTV feeds
  • countless ISDN lines

The footage below covers a period of about 12hrs – see if you can spot me, or in fact the GMT clock on the desk.


[flashvideo file=”video/MCR-Timelapse-2009-1k.flv” /]

Blonde Muddis (1994)

I’ve discovered this highly embarrassing gem from my dubious German past the other day:

In this sketch from 1994, my colleague Andre Grossman and I put on this production of a highly working class couple. I’m playing the mad mother, he’s my drunk husband.

We used to be fans of Schmidteinander, a cult comedy show on German Television back in the days, and at one point they were looking for submissions. The theme was “Blonde Mothers”, so Andre and I borrowed someone’s baby, filmed it with his Betacam (non-SP) camera in his kitchen and edited it at Studio Hamburg.

Needless to say, they never replied… probably because our production values weren’t low enough.

Also available on YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FYTOLkJVSo4

Thirsty? Here are 15 ways to fill a water glass!

[flashvideo file=”/video/water-glass.flv” /]

For this video, I’ve filled up 15 glasses of water in my kitchen (the same glass actually). Although not really noticable, all footage is shot in slow motion using my Sony HDR-HC9E. I’m still excited about that feature.

It got a bit tricky to put all the shots together, and I had to go back and re-shoot pick-ups a few times throughout the day, not to mention the water effect itself (which doesn’t get recorded with slow motion as you can imagine). It makes me thirsty every time I watch it!

Also available on YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BgztgQmBU7A

Today’s Breakfast in Slow Motion

Julia and I were out shopping yesterday, and discovered this tiny new Casio Exilim camera that does slow motion video recordings. Looking at this, I remember that my Sony HDR-HC9 has this function, and that I’ve never played with it before.

We got pretty excited, it’s very inspiring, and this is what came out this morning over breakfast:

[flashvideo file=”video/breakfast-in-slowmotion.flv” /]

Music by Die Fantastischen Vier: “Tag am Meer”. There’s more where this came from!

Life after Missing Live

Easter Goodies
Easter Goodies

With the series finale of Missing Live on Good Friday, it’s both sad and a relief that 4 weeks of mayhem have come to an end. I’m relieved because a nasty cold caught me with my pants down last week and I can do with some recovery time; at the same time I’m sad because working with an amazing team on a classy show has come to an end.

In fact, team spirit is the theme everywhere I go these days:

I’ve worked 12 days in a row now, with a packed week of early starts for Missing, followed by a weekend at IMG, then back to Missing. Last Saturday, my MCR colleagues and I had to deal with a rogue carrier in Asia – preventing us from putting 5 Premier League matches live to god knows how many countries. We had to act quickly to find space that could accomodate a 27 Meg Mux Carrier that could be seen in Asia, Africa and the Middle East… which isn’t an easy task at weekends.

If that had been the only unplanned thing, it would have been enough – but it wasn’t! I’m only saying Formula 1 details, fourwire echo, line idents going down, Spanish Football upinks – the works, we had it all in 12 hours.

We all pulled together and made it happen though, well done team – and well done Owen, who hasn’t been with us all that long, you did a  fantastic job!


missing-liveWith no rest for the wicked, it went straight on to the final week of Missing Live at MTV – and the shows just kept getting better.

I’m glad I put in some extra hours for the Blooper Reel (after a 12 hour shift on Thursday, suffering from a severe cold) and I’m ever so pleased that we all had so much fun with it. Thanks for all your lovely comments – it was terriffic to see your reactions at the screening.

I need to let you in on a secret though: I’m not really an EVS op, nor have I ever used that thing in a live environment before!

I’ve been around it for the last 9 years in the “strictly football” environment of Premier League Productions, but would have never taken the plunge to learn it – had it not been for Missing. Thanks to Sam at MTV for giving me the opportunity and believing in me; and special thanks to Claire for your incredible feedback about my contributions. It means a lot to me!

croissantsI’ll miss the Sainsbury’s croissants at 05:30 in the mornings with all the studio crew, the last minute changes and spontaneous re-voiceovers, live Astons, stills montages and all the silly bits during rehearsals – working with you all was a privilege I’m glad I had.

I remember one defining moment during the last week when I thought, “wouldn’t it be great if we’d have a montage of all the people we’ve mentioned on the show”… The very next day – as if by magic – I find such an item in the script, and I remember thinking to myself, “you’re living this show, man!”

Many of my MTV colleagues are staying on for one extra week of LIFE GIVERS, another Leopard Films Production in the same timeslot, from the same gallery. Good luck to you all, and have a great show!

Make sure you see their brilliant work every weekday until Friday at 09:15 on BBC1.


What’s next for me after Missing Live?

cloud-tv-300x252I’ve launched another website which needs more tweaks, so I’ll let you know where to go once I’m happy with it.

Also, Cloud-TV needs a re-install, a re-design and plenty more footage added, so that’ll keep me out of mischief.

I’d also like to take a closer look at the networking capabilities of the EVS. I’m thinking why not edit a package, then access it directly from EVS (or the edit) without dumping it to tape? www.evs.tv has some info on that.

I’ll be back for some Milkshake Links at MTV on Wednesday, and some Premiere League Football on Saturday at IMG – with plenty of recovery time in between.

Happy Easter Everybody!

Loft London image featured in Broadcast Now

3e0v8841-smallI’m very happy to see one of my images being published in the British trade magazine Broadcast Now.

Written by Will Strauss, the article talks about a new traffic management system for digital media assets. When Loft London started their website last year, I was called in to take pictures of their interior, the exterior (featured) and staff – and I’m delighted to see these images put to good use.

I wish Loft all the best and hope they’re getting a lot more media attention in the future.



Although a few days old already, I’d like to share my latest website project with you: give a warm welcome to www.Broadcast-News.co.uk. As the titlle suggests, it’s a website featuring the latest news from Broadcast, Entertainment and TV – in short, the industry I’ve built an almost 20 year old carrer on. It’s a superb tool to catch up on the latest developments and appear extremely well informed, The fascinating bit though is that this website is ALIVE! Continue reading New Website: BROADCAST NEWS