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How two of my WordPress 2.7 sites got HACKED!

This article explains what happened to two of my websites: a successfull hacking sttempt. This is not fun at all, at least for me it isn’t…

I only reaslied it happened this week, so I’m not sure when this went down. Here’s what I know:

This is what I saw when I checked my site: NOTHING!
This is what I saw when I checked my site: NOTHING!

Two of my sites (both versions 2.7) were on shared hosting packages. They’re the only two left that are not on my own server, because I thought why rush, it works, why invest a lot of time before the package runs out. Trouble is, the automatic upgrade function doesn’t work on my shared hosting packages – it does on with my own server without problems. Hence, all plugins and WP Cores on all other 10 sites are the newest version, becasue all I have to do is press a button when I see there’s an upgrade available.

So I was lazy with these two sites, and left them as they were, which was version 2.7 (not 2.7.1 as all the others are).

Enter http://www.Cloud-TV.com: this site was setup to automatically post one picture every day, which was uploaded in a queue. Worked well last time I checked – which was a few weeks ago, so I thought I’d better check again. All I got to my surprise now was a white screen with nothing on it.

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Although a few days old already, I’d like to share my latest website project with you: give a warm welcome to http://www.Broadcast-News.co.uk. As the titlle suggests, it’s a website featuring the latest news from Broadcast, Entertainment and TV – in short, the industry I’ve built an almost 20 year old carrer on. It’s a superb tool to catch up on the latest developments and appear extremely well informed, The fascinating bit though is that this website is ALIVE!

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