12 Procreate Brushes: Stitches and Sequins

IMG_1169.PNGOver the last few days I’ve been exploring how to create custom brushes for the excellent Procreate on my iPad.

To make 3D clothing textures look more realistic we needed some stitch brushes. Plenty are available for Photoshop, but scouring the internet I couldn’t find any for Procreate. Here’s my first attempt at some custom brushes, as explained in the Procreate Manual (you can get it for free on the iBookstore).

I’ve made a total of 11 different stitches and a Sequin Brush, all based on some Photoshop freebies I obtained a while ago (the link is now dead, otherwise I’d add it here for credit). Here’s what they look like in Procreate:

Photo Jan 09, 11 08 23 AM


Installation and Usage

  • navigate to this page with your device running Procreate
  • click any of the links to each brush below
  • choose Open In Procreate
  • Procreate downloads the brush and adds it to a set called “Imported”
  • now select the paint brush, navigate to the Imported Set and start stitching

You can amend the brushes to your liking by tapping on them. Perhaps swipe left and duplicate them first, just in case.

if you like you can apply some randomness to the stitches by adding Jitter (under Stroke). None of these brushes are pressure sensitive as this would not be a desirable effect for what I’m doing, but if you need this feature then explore the Dynamics menu.

And don’t forget to read the Procreate Manual for more info! The brushes work on both Procreate for iPad, and Procreate Pocket for iPhone/iPod Touch. Huzzah!



Enjoy 😉

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28 thoughts on “12 Procreate Brushes: Stitches and Sequins

    1. Hi Geneviève,

      thank you so much for sharing your picture, it looks beautiful! And what an interesting way to use the cross-stitch brush 🙂

      All the best,


  1. I use these every day for my fashion sketching! Are you planning on making more styles of stitches? I would love to see a coverstitch/overlock in both double and triple needle. I wish I knew how to make these myself!

    1. Great to hear you’re enjoying the brushes 🙂 If you can send me samples to the stitch patterns you’re looking for, I’m happy to make some more. Post a link below and I’ll see what I can do!

      It’s fairly easy to create your own Procreate brushes too. I’ll put an article together and add a link here when it’s ready.

      1. Jay,
        I have been designing outdoor gear for about thirty five years and started using Procreate for gear designabout three months after purchasing an ipad pro and apple pen.
        I was in the middle of a technical Backpack design job…and after putting in each stitch by hand,started trying to figure out how to make a stitch brush…I started searching on the Web just to see if there was anything like what I was looking for out there…and I came across your site. Wow…everything I needed…
        Thank you so much from am old gray hair…made my day. Plus the external stitching on the pack looks great.

  2. I’m gonna download your brushed when I get home!!

    I hope you’ll be able to do some fashion ornaments and crystals and beads!

    Knitting gesture too!! You are so talented!

    Bye thank you so much for this!

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