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Panorama Shoot-Out, Part 6: Diana (with Endless Panorama gate)

cimg3105.jpgOne of the super funky features Lomography have introduced in their Diana+ is the Endless Panorama gate. It makes it possible for you to shoot square pictures with no overlap and minimal space in between.

Now that could DYNAMITE!

I grabbed a couple of rolls of Fuji RMS and made my way over to Camden on a sunny lunch hour. We were taping the big finale of Britain’s Biggest Loser that day, which inspired me to have a salad from Pret, which happens to be just next to Camden Lock.

It was very sunny outside, but not blazing. So I’ve pushed the RMS to 400 ASA and used the largest aperture Diana had to offer. Let’s have a look:


These results though speak for themselves. Endless Panorama makes your shots look like they come from the Supersampler, another one of my plastic favourites. The lack of overlaps has its advantages, and I absolutely love it.

I like the overall look of the Diana lens too, and the fact that the back doesn’t threaten to fall off all the time. There are plenty of accessories to keep your shots interesting and keep you playing for years. I like Diana!


However, for what I want to do for the upcoming Miami Beach Huts shoot, I really want the individual shots to blend together – like Pink Holga does so beautifully. I’m sure we’ll find another great application for Diana+ and her super gate very soon.


Diana is still in the race though – and most certainly has secured her spot in the suitcase already. It won’t be my main camera for the project, but I wouldn’t want to be caught without her.

[nggallery id=17]


Diana+ and her Endless Panorama Gate


we’ll find out soon…

Panorama Shoot-Out, Part 4: Diana (without a gate)

The lovingly recreated Diana+ by Lomography is the ugly duckling in my collection.

However, looks can be deceiving; I’ve had some excellent results with this baby since I bought it last year.In fact, it’s slowly becoming my favourite plastic camera!

Lomography have added some funky bits to the package, like the possibility to shoot 3 different formats: original square images (16 square 4cm), full frame images (aprox. 5.2×5.2cm) and endless panoramas! Pop in a different gate and start shooting.

That means I have to test both options here: images without a gate, making the images look blended into each other on the sides. Or, pop in the Endless Panorama gate, which means that the images have only a little to no gap or overlap between them. Both very attractive options.

First, Diana’s NO-GATE option:

[singlepic id=303 w=580 h= float=]

Not too shabby, is it? This by the way in MTV in Camden.

I’ve taken plenty of them, using some Fuji RMS (pushed by two stops on a very bright day), as well as some on Fuji T64 Tungsten on a rather overcast day. Needless to say, the latter came out RUBBISH – although I pushed them by two stops. T64 is dark, blueish and has limited colour scope. Let’s stay away from anything lower than 100 ASA in the future, shall we?

Bottom line:

I like the ones from the sunny day, although I do see a rather harsh overlap between images.  I’d prefer a more blended look. But then: is that the actual camera, or would more sun get rid of this problem?

All I know, Pink Holga does it beautifully – and Diana (with no gate) doesn’t. Next!

We’ll be back for Diana when we pop in the Endless Panorama gate.

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