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Can a 1080p Timeline export 4K UHD in Premiere Pro?

I was asking myself this very same question. The obvious answer is YES of course, it really depends on the export settings. I had assumed of course that Premiere is clever enough to take the original resolution from whatever media is available, and do its rendering from that. Big mistake. Because it doesn’t do that!

While it is possible to pick a 4K or 4K UHD export preset, or even create your own, Premiere will up-scale your footage from 1080 to the desired resolution.

I’ve done some tests on this recently and can confirm that’s how Premiere works under the hood. If you want to get crisp 4K output from your edit, the timeline needs to be set to 4K or 4K UHD (depending on what aspect resolution you’re editing in).

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NEW SERIES: Today in My Life (aka The V-Log)

STOP THE PRESS: we’ve got a brand new series coming to versluis.com!

Discovering more and more functions of my superb little Casio Exilim camera, I’ve been playing around with the YouTube uploader today. It’s the ideal tool to do video blogging, and is obviously one of the best platforms for blogging with my pretty face.

The Bento Cafe in Camden
The Bento Cafe in Camden

I had spontaneous lunch with my friend John Williams at the Bento Cafe in Camden. He’s currently writing a book, and I thought video blogging his journey would be a great way to document the progress of his project. The more I thought about the idea, the more I came to realise that we’re all on an interesting journey. No matter what we all do and how we do it, it’ll be fascinating to look back on it in a few years time. We might even learn from it and detect patterns on how we approach similar situations.

John Williams, Author and Creative Maverick
John Williams, Author and Creative Maverick

I believe it’s just as fascinating how someone can organise themselves to do a monotonous job every day for 40 years, as it is to see how a musician, writer, cab driver or therapist lives. Or in fact, a freelancer in the Broadcast industry.
The more I’m blogging, Twittering, Facebooking and in fact doing this site, the more I’m getting what all the hype is about. You really have to try these things out to experience them, rather than judging them upfront as good or bad. For that to work, you have to overcome the omnipresent question: “… but why would I do this?”

trying to get the Smile Detection to work
trying to get the Smile Detection to work

Today in My Life will happen at irregular intervals, like all the other series’ on this site – in other words, whenever I feel like it. I was thinking of imposing some rules, like a time limit per post, or a certain frequency, but I’d rather see what happens with the format as it develops. Fact is, I started talking to the camera decades ago, before it had a name or in fact became commonplace. Why not go back to the roots and give it a theme? Watch out for some video backlog (if I can find it).

In the meantime, I’m trying to get the Smile Detection to work, which appears to have something against me… works well with other people! And what, I never smile?