First Flush: Polaroid 600 and the new Impossible PX100

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With TZ Artistic I get 8 colour shots for £20.99… this is MADNESS! I can tell you now: there will be NO out takes!

Both films are manipulable, which means once a picture is exposed and ejected I can use temperature, light and pressure to do something naughty to it and create unique results somewhere on a scale between “breathkatingly beautiful” and “completely rubbish” – a phenomenon commonly known as art. I can’t wait!

“So Jay, why don’t you WAIT a couple of weeks until the PX600 is released? That one’s specifically MADE for your £2.50 camera and would surely work without problems?” you may ask.

And I’d probably reply: “WAIT???? ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!?”

That camera should arrive any day now. I’ll keep you posted and will present the results. Wish me luck!


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19 thoughts on “First Flush: Polaroid 600 and the new Impossible PX100”

  1. I bought a Polaroid Sun 600 from a yard sale recently. I have no idea where to start! The film is impossibly expensive in Texas & hard to find. ($66.00 US/10 exp.) You commented that SX-70 film works with minor modifications to exposure & we’re willing to try it. Are you aware of any other type of film for these cameras that is affordable on a college student’s budget? Perhaps I should cut my losses & sell the camera on ebay! Not terribly concerned about photo quality just a fun result.

    • Hi Julie,

      Congratulations on your new camera! I’d stay away from the overpriced original Polaroid films, they’re rare, they’re expensive and they’re unpredictable. Have a look at The Impossible Project, they sell new films that will work in your camera without modifications. They’re still expensive but you’ll get good fun results with them. Check out the PX 680 film (that’s colour) or the PX 600 (black and white). Tell them I’ve sent you and I get benefits 😉

  2. Thanks so much for the info! The “$1.00 bargain price” for the camera has been quite a source for comedy in our quest for film! I will absolutely tell Impossible Project you sent me & I can’t wait to get started with this fun, gift pack for our daughter. As a journalism major & creative junkie, she’ll appreciate your website as well. So happy to have found your site in my search. Happy Holidays to you & yours!


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