Photoshop CS5 Default Brushes

Sometimes it’s nice to come back to the very basics of how Photoshop came when you’ve first installed it.

Sadly the Reset Brushes command doesn’t always work so I’ve decided to upload the default brush set right here. Simply unzip the following file, choose Replace Brushes and and load it in:

Works on Mac, should work on PC just as well. Enjoy!

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11 thoughts on “Photoshop CS5 Default Brushes

    1. Hi Scott,

      open the Brush Presets palette (under Window – Brush Presets). In the top right corner of that palette you’ll find a small triangle with some lines next to it. Click that and you’ll a large (and intimidating) context menu appear. You’ll have options to load brushes and append them to the existing presets, load default ones, save the current ones, and an option to replace your current brush presents.

      Hope this helps 😉

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