DAZ Studio Test Scene – share your Iray Render Speeds

I’d love to see a decent Iray render speed comparison between the current NVIDIA graphics Cards, specifically for DAZ Studio performance. All we need is some data from a static test scene, render it on a variety of systems and compare the results.

Well here’s such a scene! Please download it and render it on your system, then leave a comment below with your GPU configuration and how long it took for the scene to finish.

To take a time reading, head over to Help – Troubleshooting – View Log File. Scroll to the end of that file and you’ll see a line that reads something like this:

Total Rendering Time: 17 minutes 20.70 seconds

To submit your results, I’ve made this handy Google Form that will add your entries to a big spreadsheet. You can use it multiple times too, which will come in handy if you have more than one GPU. You can submit a result for each single GPU and for all GPUs combined. You can even add one pass with your CPU enabled, and if you’re game, try with OptiX on and off. You’ll be surprised about the differences it can make.

You’re more than welcome to elaborate on your results in the comments below. I’ve migrated all submissions into the sheet for easy evaluation, and I’ll compile a list of the results with a snazzy graph in an upcoming post.

Thank you for your participation!

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56 thoughts on “DAZ Studio Test Scene – share your Iray Render Speeds

  1. MSI Titan Pro GT75VR 7RF 17.3″ Gaming Laptop i7 32GB 512GB+1TB GTX1080 Win 10H

    Windows 10 Version 1809 May Update

    nVidia GeForce 1080 GTX 8Gb RAM

    2019-06-16 10:30:37.097 Total Rendering Time: 9 minutes 14.75 seconds

  2. System build:
    Wndows 10 64bit pro
    CPU 4790K
    DDR3 32 GB
    980 TI + 1080 TI MSI

    test render daz 4.10 driver 391.35
    iray not started in viewport: 4m24s

    test render daz 4.10 driver 419.17
    iray not started in viewport: 4m24s

    test render daz 4.11 beta driver 419.17
    iray not started in viewport: 4m01s

    test render daz 4.11 pulic driver 419.17
    iray not started in viewport: 4m01s (same as beta)

    so there is a slight increase in faster rendering…. but i gues from reading the real improvement is on the RTX cards

  3. 2019-06-26 17:21:28.468 Total Rendering Time: 5 minutes 13.16 seconds
    32gb ram
    OptiX = true
    CPU = false

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