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How to rotate a HDRI in Blender

I always forget how to rotate HDRIs in Blender. It’s really not that difficult, but somehow this information doesn’t seem to save in my brain. I’ve given up trying understand why, so I thought I’d write it down for a future visit. At least I know where to look now 🙂 In the Shading Tab, …

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How to create a HDRI image in Photoshop

Photoshop CC 25yrsPhotoshop can combine multiple images into one and save them as HDRI, which allows us to use them in our 3D renders – either as 360 degree backgrounds or as light sources.

The way to do it has changed several times over the years – so here’s how this works in Photoshop CC 2015.

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Where are the HDR images stored in KeyShot

KeyShot comes with several pre-installed environments, based on HDR images. We can use them in other applications too, if we know where to look for them. On a Mac, the KeyShot5 HDR images are stored here: /Library/Application Support/KeyShot5/Environments To navigate there, hit the Go option in your Finder, while holding down the OPTION / CMD key. …

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Using Image Based Lighting (IBL) in Carrara

To use Image Based Lighting in Carrara (IBL for short), we need a HDRI map (High Dynamic Rage Image). Using this technique your scene is not illuminated by light sources but rather by a weird looking image. This concept is known as Global Illumination and the results can be stunning (see above). In principle, a spherical …

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