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Testing Views App for iOS

I was just browsing through my archive and stumbled upon an iOS App I’ve made a few months ago. It looks great on the new iPad due to really hi-res images – but what’s even better is that it’s written almost entirely without code!

It’s still using Xcode so it’s a native app of course, but there are no complicated Objective-C statements in there (apart from one but it’s not essential to the app).

Here’s how I did it – I even give you the source code too.

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Exciting Broadband Connection

Let me test something here real quick:

Yowser… that’s friggin fast dude!

We take speed for granted and that it’s getting faster and faster by the month. This here is the upload and download we’re getting at work in 2012 (and over the last few years). This isn’t even possible with my home “g” WiFi. In a few years we’ll laugh at this of course when our iPhone does 50x this speed and we’re still complaining that it’s not fast enough.

The other thing I wanted to test here are images captions: I’ve noticed with WordPress 3.4 most themes aren’t displaying them properly anymore due to a deliberate code change. We’re discussing this here.

Thankfully Thesis 1.8.5 has a patch that makes it all look smashing again. Thanks, Thesis 😉

How to replace the hard drive in my MacBook with a Crucial Solid State Drive

After a year of becoming a Mac user I’ve taken stock: it was a very good decision, but just like PCs, even Macs are getting slower the more stuff you put on.

I remember my Mac was extremely fast to boot up when it was new, but now that I’ve installed man heavy Adobe apps and a lot of other stuff it’s taking its time. Nothing I couldn’t live with, but something that could certainly be improved upon.

So I thought to myself: how about one of those Solid State Drives? I wonder how much they are, remembering that this time last year a 512GB SSD would set me back a hefty £1k. As techie prices drop all the time, now it’s just under £300 plus VAT – excellent!

Scouting out some recommendations and how-to’s on the internet, I found the entire thing an extremely simple process. Let me show you how I did it and how it’s improved the speed of my Mac for the better.

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